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FAQ Bikeowner

Can the customer add their own bike?

Yes, customers can add their bike themselves, but we recommend that the store does it. This provides better data quality, and communication with the customer will be more efficient afterwards. Some customers may have difficulty finding the frame number on the bike for example.

Can the customer contact the shop directly?

Yes, BUT it is the mechanic who must initiate the conversation. We do not want customers to freely contact mechanics and bike shops with unnecessary communication.

Can the customer change the prefered workshop on their bike?

Yes, if a customer sells their bike to another location in the country, the new owner can go in and select a new workshop in their local area.

Can the customer have multiple bikes associated with different workshops?

JA. En kunde kan ha barnesyklene registrert på et verksted, mens triathlon-sykkelen kan han ha registrert på et

Can the customer sell the bike on BikeFolder?

No – BikeFolder is not a marketplace. BikeFolder makes it easy to post complete bike data/bike maps directly on, for example Facebook Markets.

Who pays for the transfer of ownership of a bicycle card?

The new owner pays for the transfer of ownership of the bicycle card. In the same way as if a buyer pays for registration fees for a used car.

Can the customer delete the bike card?

Yes, the bike card will be deleted from the customer's account, but the bike card will remain in our database if the customer wishes to "revive" the bike card at a later time. Only the owner can revive the bike card.

Can there exist two bicycles with the same frame number in the system?

No, it is not possible to have 2 bike cards with the same frame number in BikeFolder.

Is there an age limit to create a BikeFolder account?

Yes. There is a 12 year age limit to create an account on BikeFolder.

Will the bike be automatically added to the bike register?

Yes, when a bike is added to BikeFolder or a bike card changes ownership, the bike gets FREE registration in FG approved registry. To have a valid registration, the bike owner must activate the bike - this is done directly on the bike card.  

Is it BikeFolder's own bike register or do you use another one?

Yes. BikeFolder has its own approved register.

How much does BikeFolder cost for a customer?

The regular price of a BikeFolder account is 59 euro. Dealers who partner with us can give this away for free to their customers.

Is Bikefolder a subscription?

No, Bikefolder is not a subscription, 59 euro is a one-time fee to set up the account. It is possible for customers to subscribe to extra services on the platform.

Does BikeFolder come in English?

Yes, both the customer part and the store part will be in English language.

Can the customer post a sales ad on Facebook?

Yes, it is easy to make the entire bike listing available on their Facebook page or a Facebook marketplace page.

How is the service history stored?

If the bike is repaired by a workshop that uses BikeFolder, the service history will automatically be stored on the bike card. The customer can also add service history manually by uploading a receipt for the service or a receipt of bike parts purchased for servicing done by the customer themselves.

Will the customer's name be automatically added to the historical owners?

The customer must give their consent on their user panel for their name to be included in the historical overview. If the customer does not give consent, the name will be anonymized in the ownership history.

Can the customer change the information on their bike card?

Yes, some information can be changed by the customer, but some of the information retrieved from the manufacturer and dealer is locked.

How much does it cost to have a bike in BikeFolder?

A bike card can have 2 levels: FREEMIUM - FREE PREMIUM - 25 NOK/month In the customer account, the customer finds an overview of what is included in FREEMIUM and PREMIUM.

  • PREMIUM – 25kr/mnd

På kundekontoen finner kunden en oversikt over hva som er inkludert i FREEMIUM og PREMIUM

Is the bicycle automatically insured?

No, but it is easy for the customer to obtain offers through the bike card. Just one click.

Can the customer create nicknames for the bikes?

Yes, for example if someone in the family wants to have all of the family's bikes in their account, the bikes can be named such as:

  • Nick´s Bike
  • Lisa´s Bike
  • Speedmachine

Do you sell BikeFolder bicycle insurance?

No, we have partners that can provide customers with a non-binding offer.

How does the warranty certificate work in the bike card?

The receipt for the purchase of the bike acts as a warranty certificate. The receipt can be an image file or a PDF. The customer can easily use their phone to take a picture of the receipt - or the store can include it in the sales process.

What happens when the customer registers the bike stolen?

If the user registers the bike stolen, it is not possible to sell the bike or change the owner of the bike card. All workshops that use BikeFolder will also receive a message if the bike is delivered.

Do police and insurance companies have access to the bicycle register?

Yes- as an approved register, both Police and insurance companies have access to some of the data stored on the bicycle card.

What does it mean to have a bicycle in an FG approved bicycle register?

BikeFolder is an approved global bicycle registry.

What service intervals are chosen for each bike?

Service intervals are chosen based on the manufacturer's recommendations. The dealer can override this if it does not match the customer's usage pattern.

Why do some bikes/models have more data than others?

We get bike data from the manufacturers. In total, we have 43 data points that the manufacturer provides us. But there is varying data quality that we receive from the manufacturers. However, we are experiencing an increasing enthusiasm and so the quality is getting better every day.

Can the customer register their own services?

Absolutely. It is very easy to book a service on the bike's associated workshop.

Can the customer add manuals themselves?

Yes. Normally there are a number of manuals available from the manufacturer. For example, if a customer purchases a new wheel set, they can upload their own PDF for this product. The PDF will follow the bike card further to any other owners if the bike is sold.

How does the customer book service through the system?

The customer clicks “Book service”

Clicks directly on the image of the bike and writes what is wrong with the different points 

The customer also adds a free text

Then selects a date that is available at the workshop

Clicks “Book”
The customer then has the option to add more of the bikes that are on their account

What SMS messages does the customer receive while the bike is at the workshop?

Every time a service job changes status, an SMS is generated to the customer

  • Booking received
  • Bike received at workshop
  • In progress
  • Finished
  • Waiting for parts

Can cycling clubs use BikeFolder?

Yes, if a cycling club has multiple loaner bikes, BikeFolder is a great tool. This way the cycle club can have full control over all their bikes, both who is borrowing them and services that are being performed.

Can a cycling team use BikeFolder?

Yes, absolutely! Cycling teams of different sizes can have their bikes registered in BikeFolder and document services, maintenance, etc.

Can bike owners add more pictures of their bike?

Yes, after a bike card is created the factory image is the main image of the bike. But bike owners can upload their own pictures of the bike.

What happens when a customer “rates” the bike on the bike card?

If a customer “rates” their bike on the bike card, they can provide feedback on different components of the bike as well as an overall rating. This feedback is anonymized and made available to the manufacturer. This is used by the manufacturer to further develop the model for upcoming productions.

Can the customer contact support?

Yes- the customer can use our chat feature at the bottom right of the platform. Support is open from 10:00 to 16:00 Mon-Fri.

Can the customer call BikeFolder?

Yes, the customer can call BikeFolder. The phone hours are 10:00 to 16:00 Mon-Fri.

What bikes can one have in BikeFolder?

Customers can enter all types of bicycles. Customers can enter as many bicycles as they want. 

Electric scooters are not welcome in BikeFolder…

Can the customer add bicycles without a frame number?

No, customers cannot register bikes without a frame number. All bike registrations must have a frame number as unique identification. If a customer has a bike without a frame number, they can order stickers with the frame number from our portal. These cost €9

Can the customer add custom bikes?

Yes, if a customer has for example built a bike from a frame kit, they can create an empty bike card. The customer then adds all the details themselves. This can be changed as the bike changes specifications and accessories.

Can the customer change service intervals themselves?

Yes, the customer can override the service intervals that the store has recommended. The customer can also stop the service reminder.

How will BikeFolder increase the bike value?

The Bikefolder stores all necessary bike documents, services and stores important data. If the bike is stolen, the owner can share this information with the insurance company and document its true value

When selling a bike on the used market, the seller will be able to prove all services, upgrades and show all documents securely stored on the Bikefolder. Potential buyers will normally value this and their willingness to pay increases.

What happens if the customer does not click on the service call?

The customer will receive a SMS 24 hours after the first SMS - if the customer does not click on this either, the bike will enter the next service interval.

Can the bicycle manufacturer contact the customer?

The bike manufacturer will never have access to:

  • Customer names
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses

However, BikeFolder allows the bike manufacturer to easily manage recalls of bikes and bike components. If a bike manufacturer carries out a recall, owners of that bike will receive an SMS from BikeFolder informing them that there is a recall on their bike. The SMS will contain a link to a PDF with complete recall information. 

If a bike manufacturer carries out a recall, the manufacturer will NOT have access to customer data.

Hva er Pick up n Delivery?

This is a module that the bike shop can activate and open up for them to pick up bikes from a customer's home, repair the bikes at the workshop, then deliver the bikes back to the customer.

Is BikeFolder an App?

No. BikeFolder is a website optimized for mobile phones.

Is there going to be a BikeFolder APP?

It is very possible that there will be an APP...

Can the customer sell the bike to someone who doesn't have a BikeFolder account?

Yes, if the buyer does not have a BikeFolder account, the seller can give the new buyer a free access through the “Invite a Friend” functionality.

What is "Invite a Friend"?

A customer can invite one or more friends to BikeFolder for free.

How simple is the ownership transfer in the system?

Ownership transfer is super simple – it only takes 5-10 seconds.

Will a contract be generated when selling the bike in the second-hand market?

Yes. After a bike card has changed ownership, a sales contract for the bike is generated. This is stored on the accounts of both the buyer and seller. This is important both in case of theft and to avoid theft.

Does BikeFolder handle payment for the bike itself when selling in the used market?

No. The transfer of the sale amount for bicycle sales in the used market is NOT handled in BikeFolder.

Can the customer limit communication from the store/Bikefolder?

Yes, the customer can decide on their account who and what information they want to receive through the platform.

Can a customer sell the bike to a foreign country?

Yes, there is no problem selling bikes across borders.

How does a customer create an account?

The customer can create their own account on or go to a dealer to open an account.

How does a customer log into the system?

A customer uses OTP (One Time Password) through SMS. A secure login that is seamless and easy.

Who is BikeFolder actually made for?

The platform is made for everyone who owns a bike - regardless of level.

How does the customer pay for the services?

If a customer wishes to purchase additional services for a bicycle, this is paid for with a payment card. A change of ownership is the same.

A change of ownership is paid for with a payment card

FAQ Bikestore/Workshop

Is BikeFolder a POS system?

BikeFolder is a bicycle specific digital tool to supercharge your bicycle business!
The system will not replace your current POS system.

Why does the value of our bike shop increase by using Bikefolder?

By keeping your customers in a secure and organized system, you can more easily demonstrate the value of the shop. Customer loyalty increases and the bond between customer and shop becomes stronger. An increased value of the shop can be useful when selling the shop, obtaining new financing or dealing with insurance questions.

How much extra income can we estimate per bike added to Bikefolder?

This will vary from store to store, but through BikeFolder one will create a stronger bond between store and customer. With regular reminders for periodic services, one bike will make up €50-100 per year in extra service income. Additional sales of goods when the customer visits the store will also come into play.

How many service packages can the store have?



Do we choose the content of the service packages ourselves?

Yes, the store chooses what each package should contain itself.

Do we choose the price of the service packages ourselves?

Yes, the store chooses the price of the different service packages themselves.

Can the customer get a service SMS based on the number of kilometers the bike has been riden?

The platform is set up to connect to bikes that have an inbuilt kilometer counter.

Where do you get bike data from?

We get bike data directly from the manufacturer or its added manualy by our team.

How do I add a bike?

  • A new bike is delivered to the store
  • Enter the frame number (or use a barcode reader)
  • Select the manufacturer and model
  • Click on the image and select the model
  • Enter frame size and any key numbers 
  • Click save

Who is the sender of the SMS?

The store name appears as the sender of the SMS.

Can I put the store's booking link on the store's website?

Absolutely – this makes handling bookings super easy.

Can I put the store's booking link on the store's Facebook/Instagram page?

Absolutely – existing and new customers can book through their Facebook profile, Instagram profile, SNAP profile etc

How many bike models are there in the system?

As of December 2022, we have approximately 130,000 bike models...and new ones are added every day.

Is there a dedicated module for bike rental?

The bike rental module will be ready by 2023.

Is there a Bicycle Hotel module?

The Bicycle Hotel module will be available by 2023.

What happens when a bicycle is sold and the bike card is registered to a customer?

Customers receive an SMS that the new bike is registered in his BikeFolder account.

Can the shop determine the number of repairs workshops handle daily?

Yes. This helps to determine how many “slots” are available each day.

Can the shop choose which categories of bikes they repair?

Yes – if a shop does not wish to repair children's bikes or cargo bikes – the system will inform the customer that this shop does not repair this type of bike.

Can the shop choose which bike brands they repair?

Yes. The store can exclude a type of bike manufacturer or choose specific which bike brands they accept.

Can the store send SMS to customers?

Yes. In the CRM tool, the store can communicate with its customers via SMS. The customer must have accepted to receive these messages in their control panel.

Can the store send emails to customers?

Yes. Through the CRM tool, the store can communicate with its customers via email. The customer must have accepted to receive these messages in their control panel.

How much savings can BikeFolder make on paper usage in the cycling industry?

Every year, the cycling industry uses approximately 74 million kg of paper - with BikeFolder, the industry can start transitioning to digital handbooks and manuals.

Can we add employees?

Absolutely – as many as you wish.

Can the store contact support by phone?

Yes. The store can contact BikeFolder directly during business hours 10-16 on weekdays.

Can the store register certifications, such as Shimano service center etc?

Yes, there are several certifications that can be entered. On BikeFolder customers can then search for example which shops perform FOX damper service, Formula brake service or Yamaha motor service.

Can the shop create a bike card for old/used bikes?

Yes, absolutely. It is very smart to give all bikes that come in a digital bike card - regardless of whether the bike was purchased in your shop. This will tie the customer more closely to your shop.

Can a store see all the bikes in BikeFolder?

The store will only have access to the bikes associated with the store.

What is Pickup and Delivery?

The bike shop can activate a Pick Up and Delivery module. Customers can then book pick up and delivery at the same time as they book services. A great feature for a family who wants to have service on all of their bikes.

Can the store determine which days and times they want to pick up and deliver?

Yes. The store chooses which days this is available on. Initially, one can try out 1-2 days per week. The store also chooses which times it is possible to book this for the customer.

Can the store deactivate the Pick up and delivery module?

Absolutely – if there is a lot of traffic at the workshop, this module can be deactivated.

What radius will customers be able to use for Pick up and Delivery?

The store chooses the radius based on the store address of how far they want to offer Pick up and delivery

Who is the sender of the SMS messages?

The store is the sender of the SMS messages.

Who has the GDPR responsibility for the customers?

BikeFolder innhenter GDPR hos kunden første gang kunden logger inn.

Has the Data Protection Authority approved BikeFolder?

Yes – we have had close dialogue with the Data Protection Authority throughout the development process.

How does the customer receive messages from the workshop?

If a mechanic sends a message to a customer who has their bike in the workshop, the customer will receive an SMS with an encrypted link. The link goes directly to the customer's chat window where one can respond to the message.

Can the store change information on a bike card?

The store has limited access to change a customer's bike card. The store has full access to add services, extra equipment, warranty certificates, etc.

How do you add a bike where the model is not in the system?

If there is no existing model data for the bike you wish to create, you can create a new model in the system
- Search for the model you want to add
- If the model does not appear, click “Add Model Data” at the bottom of the results page
– Enter relevant data for the model. Remember to include an image

NestNext time you wish to create a bike card on this model, the model information will be available just like manufacturer's model data.

The model information will be available to all users of the system.

Do all stores in the system have access to model data that the store creates?

Yes. If you add a model to the system, model information will be available to other stores. Remember that other stores/workshops DO NOT have access to customers or bikes that the store creates - only model data. Husk at andre butikker/verksted IKKE får tilgang til kunder, eller sykler som butikken oppretter – kun modelldata

Can we get up analyses on all activity in the system?

Yes. There are continuously developed tools to do analyses of usage that are useful for further developing store operations.

Hvordan logger en ansatt i en butikk inn i systemet?

Employees can log in with email or SMS. Each time a one-time code is generated which is used for the actual login.

What are the costs for the store?

15kr pr reparasjon.

Alt er inkludert

Can the store close at any time?

Absolutely. If you don't wish to use the service, you can close at any time.

How much extra income can the store get by using BikeFolder?

It will vary, but typically a bike will generate €50-120 in annual extra income for the store. 

If the store has a customer base of, for example, 5000 customers, this could potentially generate an annual extra workshop turnover of €100-300 000.

FAQ Bikefolder

Who are the owners of BikeFolder?

The company behind BikeFolder is Green Velo Technologies AS. The company has 4 employees + development team - a total of 11 people. The employees, board and contributors have together an industry experience from bicycle production, bicycle design, import and production of over 100 years. There are 10 shareholders in the company, you can read more about the company here:

None of the shareholders or employees have any other ownership or affiliation to other bicycle related companies, either nationally or internationally.

What is the address of BikeFolder?

  • Green Velo Technologies AS /BikeFolderGrenseveien 21. 4313 SANDNES

Who developed BikeFolder?

The founders of the company are Sondre Norland, Ken Meland, John Wennstrøm and Alexander Kristoff.

Is BikeFolder international?

BikeFolder is currently only in Norway. There are ambitions to establish the platform internationally.

What are the sources of income for BikeFolder?

  • When a bicycle changes owner, the bike card is transferred to a new owner. Ownership transfer is subject to a fee.
  • Butikkene betaler månedsavgift
  • Bicycle owners can subscribe to additional services for the bike.