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Be worthy of your bike

Protect and maintain it; increase its value and it will repay you in more ways than one. You give your bike personality, BikeFolder gives it an identity.

Do you know your bike's history?

Your bike has a past, present, and future

BikeFolder is where your bike's info exists in a digital bikecard that gives you confirmation of ownership, maintenance reminders and updates, and direct communication with your local bike shop.

One-time cost €59

Your bike's digital bikecard tells you about its...

warranty, insurance coverage, upgrades (past, present, pending), service history, previous owners, complete spec list, and user manuals.

BikeFolder – where your bike's information and the internet meet.

A long-lasting relationship with your bike starts here

Every bike has value, here's how to elevate the value of yours

Complete bike profile

Service history, purchase date, retail price, owners' history, and parts recalls are just a few of the details contained in your bikecard.

Service reminder

Get a text from your trusted mechanic when it's time for service. Book an appointment directly through the link in the text.

Pick up 'n deliver

Dealers can now seamlessly offer this service through BikeFolder. Find out if your shop can pick up your bike for service and deliver it when it's done.

No subscription fees

BikeFolder gives you access to its services 24/7/365 for a one-time rate for the lifetime of your bike.

Record upgrades

New carbon wheels, a power meter, suspension fork, or flared handlebar, document upgrades to your bike and increase its value.

Sell your bike

Link directly to your favorite secondhand sales platform. Automated change of ownership happens once sale is completed.

Buy insurance

Accidents happen and when they do, it's good to know that you're insured. Shop insurance plans and choose the right one for you.

Report bicycle theft

Flag your bike if it gets stolen. Change of ownership and repairs through BikeFolder will become impossible.