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Profitability for the bicycle shop

BikeFolder is a digital platform that radically increases the financial conditions for bike- and sports shops.

In short, you - as a dealer - get access to automated solutions that increase turnover and margins for bike service.

BikeFolder was created exclusively for bike stores to boost efficiency and profitability in both the summer and winter.

Automatic service request

Don't worry about calls or high/low seasons; we automate service calls all year.

Online booking

Managing service bookings within your own system has never been easier.

Direct chat with the customer

Is the customer's communication slow? No more! Let the conversation flow in the chat module.

Analytic tools

Complete trend overview, peak and low season, booked services, and much more.

Pick up 'n deliver

The Click & Collect module ensures that the bike is delivered for service when it is due and that clients are satisfied.

Bike Hotel

Do you have a bike hotel? Highlight it in the system to make the customer aware of your extra offered value.

Insurance kickback

Insurance companies give continuous kickbacks when bicycle thefts are solved.

Bike sale

Do you sell new or used bikes? With the digital bike card, the customer is linked to your store.

Profitability for the bicycle industry

"We've been working with BikeFolder for several years, and during the development process, we've focused on the issue that the bike industry faces today: a bicycle owner takes the bike to the workshop when it's broken, rather than when it is due for a regular service.

The automobile business has excelled in this area, calling customers in at regular intervals to perform services. With automated invitations for bicycle services, we see that the lifespan of the bikes is prolonged and that the dealer's earnings per bike increase dramatically. Based on the size of the existing customer base, the dealer can improve workshop turnover by 65-75% - and this happens fully automatically with our digital technology.

Alexander Kristoff, professional cyclist and co-founder